About Decemberfest

Decemberfest is the only Christmas party event in the UK combining the classic German drinking festival traditions of Oktoberfest, with a night of party bingo, all sprinkled with festive prizes, theming and games.

Perfect for large groups, each event brings good food, plenty of drinks, live music, and multiple rounds of party bingo, each with their own unique games and prizes to be won.

The dress code is: festive fun! Come dressed to the nines, or in your best christmas jumper, but be prepared to party.

Pickled Bingo

This is Decemberfest’s exclusive Party Bingo. Taking place each night, players can expect the classic game of bingo, but with fun & festive hosts ready to bring the Christmas cheer. But you won’t just be dabbing the numbers on your sheet, there’ll be lip-sync battles, dance-offs and more unpredictable games throughout the night. 

There are cash prizes, but it’s the weird prizes you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Massive inflatables, hilarious surprises and some cheeky presents are all on offer with your ticket.

Get ready to shout BINGO! There are no losers here.

Hoola Events

Decemberfest is organised by Hoola Events, one of the UK’s leading events companies, and the brainchild behind Pickled Bingo too!

Hoola specialise in creating events and activities; providing full event management and production capabilities for small- to large-scale events.

Their events are designed to be memorable, fun and catered to groups of all sizes.

You can find out more about Hoola events here.